YOUNG MAN The Young Man is the ancient way to represent the different stages which will lead to liberation. The ultimate goal of life is to find water, the calmness of the mind which will lead to the opening of the third eye. It is a very long and difficult journey. Liberation can be achieved by different stages of aluMbin (Sanskrit) known as Olympic games, but it is also known as tejita (Sanskrit) known as Tai chi, i.e. sharpened, circulate as well as purify. At the last stage, you will be able to achieve the ‘Scale of Perfection’, which goes from total delusion to total omniscience.

This ebook explains 50 Vintage Art Deco Card's reading, placed in a PDF eBook. When you study the Art Deco Tarot in-depth, the image simplicity suggested, at first sight, starting to reveal its secrets, a deep understanding of human nature, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself and others. The Gypsy Tarot focal meaning is knowledge, enlightenment. The opening of the third eye, a new way of seeing. The main message of Gypsy cards is the ethics of care, balance, living together in harmony, which will bring better circumstances. In any relationship, a caring role does not depend on gender or social class. It is an ethical competence to think for the good of others, the common good. We can think of people close to us, but we should also project that thought to the broader community, to the human family we do not know personally.

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Gypsyr Tarot Reading

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Gypsyr Tarot Reading
Friday, February 05, 2021