The Biedermeier Tarot was born from the so-called Biedermeier period (1812 – 1848), which marks the beginning of industrialisation and the re-discovery of ancient Greece. The admiration of Greek sculpture, Greek pottery, paintings, architecture, the foundation for Roman architecture. However, a high proportion of Greek art and other works are only known through Roman-made copies, while Roman buildings have also significantly outlived Greek structures. To know Roman art is, therefore, is to know Greek art. The Biedermeier period proceeded into Art Deco times. The Biedermeier period admiration of Greek art is superior, leading to the idea of the European Super Man.

Tarot Reading, with Gypsy Tarot Card.

Thought is the primordial energy of the divine, also known as Agni (Sanskrit), the Fire of the Sun, soul, spirit, intellect, design, observe, comprehend, shine. personal growth, birth, origin, fortune,  enlightenment, the  awakened one, hu-man.

The Thought card's main message is meditation, self-discovery. Thought is knowledge, knowledge is truth and truth is balance, the discovery of the universe and how it relates to you. The thinking soul, insight, consciousness, intelligence, the base of maintaining life itself.