Key to Tarot


The central figures are ancient Egyptian and Phoenician figures, portraying the many different races coming together willingly or not in ancient Egypt. The Key to Tarot Playing Cards is a 52-card deck, includes planet, star sign and chess as the second layer of imagery: Each chess piece supporting the main characters. These Gypsy cards are made as you order. It is sent to a printing company to get a professional result. The cards have beautiful, detailed images.
The Key to Tarot Antique Card is the most outstanding card by Arc-Gypsy Tarot. The Key to Tarot fortune-telling card is the only tarot that combines Gypsy cards, Tarot, Chess and Playing Card into one. Each image reads according to the Ancient Tradition, which you might find surprising at least, allows you to understand the connection of these different tools ancient origin. When you study the cards, they're starting to reveal their secrets, the knowledge of creation personified in human life, a deep understanding about the universe, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself and your connection to the cosmos.


The Ace of Clubs in Destin Antique Tarot seems like a portrayal of illness, sadness, or even death. Its meaning is quite the opposit. It is showing safety. It speaks of deliverance and preservation from harm, with the application of higher wisdom, known as Soteria. Whilst in the corner of the image, we can see a man with one hand up and the other down, like in Rider the card of Magician, the representation of your physical manifestation, a portrayal of House, you, and your participation in the universal reality, playing out in human life. Therefore, the card is showing rebirth. The Healer is called Sattra, from the Sanskrit base word 'sat' meaning safety, it signifies healing, sanctuary, knowledge. It implies to new life, spiritual essence, and purpose, activating your inner growth. Sattra left in Greek mythology as Soteria, the goddess or the personified spirit of restoration to a state of safety. The other word of Soteria is ZaraNa (Sanskrit) which word transformed into Nazareth, known as Jesus from Nazareth, and it means protection of the Universe. Therefore, the card of Healer is conveying safety and balance in the Universal Consciousness. Furthermore, Soteria implies to your teacher, your guide, and you can consciously choose the path of right actions.

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