Starting Zigeuner Tarot helping you with a short description by explaining how the card is affected by its position in the spread.
Most images of the Zigeuner Tarot derived from Greek mythology and traced back to the Phoenicians (the Romani people). For example, the card of  Fortune originated from Tyche- Greek: Taiki - meaning "luck"; What is less well known is that the name Tyche unveiled with the Sanskrit word 'tark' and 'tarkayati' meaning to think, to deliberate, ponder, trying to discover one's mind, thus relating this card to Themis from Sanskrit Tattva (Justice, balance) and Themis advise; 'Know Thyself' and 'Nothing in Excess'. Gypsy Tarot is taking you on a voyage to discover the universe within. You will gain a deeper understanding of your Self, where you come from and what direction to chose to create a better today, hence a better future. Therefore, Gypsy Card is a Tarot Journey to discover who you are.


Gypsyr Tarot Reading

You can’t believe how much a simple gesture of the Gift Card can uplift a sad and confusing worldwide situation.

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Again stay safe and May whom ever created the universe bless you

Gypsyr Tarot Reading
Tuesday, September 22, 2020