A R T   D E C O   T A R O T



When you study the Art Deco Tarot in-depth, the image simplicity suggested, at first sight, starting to reveal its secrets, a deep understanding of human nature, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself and others. Gypsy Tarot often advertised as images to predict the future. There are many, who are sceptics, and rightfully so. Asking, how can a simple picture predict what will happen? When you understand the definition of the card, it takes you on a journey in space and time, revealing your future by shedding light on the past, which brought you to your present situation. If you allow the past to be in control of you, it will determine your future.
Gypsy Tarot is taking you on a voyage to discover the universe within. You will gain a deeper understanding of your Self, where you come from and what direction to chose to create a better today, hence a better future. Therefore, Gypsy Card is a Tarot Journey to discover who you are.

Art Deco cards

Hi, many thanks for sending me the info on these beautiful Art Deco cards, may I ask are there specific spreads to be used with them.

Art Deco cards
Friday, April 19, 2019

I did receive the cards ,they are so beautiful! Thank you very much! I wanted to purchase 1 more deck of Art Deco cards. It is so hard to find them and in this case I will have 2 decks and the Art Deco Tarot eBook.

Fortune Telling with Art Deco Cards
Saturday, March 23, 2019