The Gypsy Tarot has 36 printed Pdf images, descriptions in English made in Australia. Each card includes elements and the card's name in Sanskrit translated to English (see sample reading bellow). This Gypsy Tarot also contains planets with star signs for best results in your tarot journey. These cards are in PDF format and printed by a professional printing company as you order. The cards are the usual Gypsy card size and laminated. These tarot cards appear as they would have come from ancient times. When you order these cards, you will be surprised by their beauty and usefulness to tell fortune.


The origin of Lily is associated with the labyrinth. How can that be? To understand it, we have to look at its origin Sanskrit. The name labyris derives from the Sanskrit word Lavarna adopted in Lydian as labrys and wrongly translated as the double axe. Its origin comes from a bee and since it was drawn that looks like an axe, it was wrongly translated. However, the bee is a portrayal of pollination, which tells the story of creation, when the Sun dies new life emerges, the pollination of the solar system. In Sanskrit the labyrinth is called Lavarna, translating as go and the letter T (T) i.e. creation of matter.) There are many Sanskrit words left, which were misunderstood and transformed something previously positive into a negative meaning to the word labyrinth, associated with a monster Minotaur. Yet its original meaning is: ”The Sun is our birthplace”. Thus the Labyrinth of Knossos, the temple was essentially related to the Sun. The Minotaur also originates from another Sanskrit word, mino-tau, which means to establish balance. The second layer of the card is showing the King of Spades, and he is the personification of destruction (X) with a dual nature. He can either absorb his entire life in concentrated aspiration (Creation) or can go the entirely opposite way and become incapable of decision (When the Sun implode instead of an explosion, it becomes a lifeless white dwarf). Hence the Lily can represent new life or death. 

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